Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Overdue...The Edwardian Ball Costumes -Saturday's Outfit -Ozma!

Night 2 of the Edwardian Ball
SF, January 2010

So...the Ozma costume turned out fucking awesome!
I had 1 week to make this thing...and it all came together in a perfect storm.
Ozma's outfit is basically a white gown with the disticntive, art neuveau "Oz" headress. I really wanted to resemble the Ozma from the original artwork, not so much the girl from the disney film "Return to Oz" (but she looked great too)

Since this was technically a "quickie" costume, I focused more of my time on creating the disinctive headdress. 
I already had a muslin empire gown which I was able to use for the dress:
I then created a wide "bertha" collar out of soft gold jaquard scraps, with green chiffon ribbon ties that criss-crossed under the bust to hold the collar in place.  I then tacked long streamers of ribbon in all shades of green and gold to the underside of the collar.  The collar was held neatly in place at the CF, with a lovely brooch I found for $1.99 on clearance at Michael's!

Next: The Headdress...
I used copper wire to create the headband and "Oz" logo:

Then I found these beautiful, giant peony flowers I attached at each side, over the ears...

I added pearl sprays dipped in glitter and little steamers for that added "aura". 
The overall look was better than I could have imagined! 

Everything was very comfortable and easy to wear.
(2 thumbs up for Empire gowns!)

As we navigated through huge crowds at the Edwardian Ball, I heard a girl shout out "OZMA, YOU ROCK!!!"


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